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Anonymous asked: I've been so busy with school stuff and I haven't realized that I've been stress eating these past few weeks and haven't been working out but I weighed myself and I gained 5 pounds! My weight usually fluctuates between 2-3 pounds and now I feel so discouraged. I wanted to be a better version of myself by this summer so that I could spend my 21 at bday doing things I've never had the confidence to do and now I feel like I'm never gonna get there. I'm so angry at myself and I don't know what to do

Girl its ok! Just get back on track. There is still time before summer! We all fall off and we can reverse it. Start tomorrow or today and just be positive. Go get that confidence bby xo

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Anonymous asked: Can you get stretch marks when you're losing weight? I've lost 25 pounds and I've started to notice some start to appear

I have a lot of stretch marks. Like a lot. Its cool though, they will appear, just think of them as badass stripes. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm on my way towards losing about 30 lbs and I was just wondering, did/do you count calories or just eat generally healthy? Also would you say running was a big part of your weight loss? And if so how much did you run/how far each week? Sorry this is like an interview haha thanks :)

I like your mindset! You know where you are going! you are going to success town! I just generally eat healthy now but I used to count calories and I eat in the same calorie portion sizes I used too so I know I eat around 1400cals a day roughly. 

I would say running was a huge part of my weight loss. I found myself through running and I love it now. its the best thing. It was also my fav form of cardio, without working out I would of lost my weight much slower. 

I once heard that the “Magic number” is 3 miles for weight loss.So thats always what I aimed for. Nowadays since I love running so much I go 3-8

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Anonymous asked: How long did it take you to lose the weight? And how did you achieve your goal?

Almost 6 months. By healthy eating, running, and lifting. 

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Anonymous asked: what did you do for your workouts when you were first starting?

For the first 2 months all I simply did was workout on the treadmil doing the most I could do for 30mins. It was jogging til I couldnt then walking and taking a break, and starting back up again. I later then added in weights 

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volleyball-passion asked: how did you suddenly lose so much weight? i understand that you had a lot to lose which is why you lost so much in the first month, but what changes did you make? did you suddenly start running a million miles a day? i'm really curious because i'm in the same boat as you and i would really appreciate any advice or help. thank you :)

It wasnt so suddenly. It took me basically 6 months. I went thru multiple holidays, life changes, seasons. I didnt run a million miles. I ran 3. Nowadays I run about 6-8. I cut out dining out. I made my own dinners, lunches, snacks, breakfast. No processed food and portion size is really key. We eat way to much as americans but thats ok food is good, but in moderation. 

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Anonymous asked: I am 5'7 and weigh 160, it is seriously so hard for me to loose weight. I don't know what to do, I'll eat healthy and run on a treadmill for about 50min five days a week, what am I doing wrong??

I would add in weight lifting too. I mean hows your diet? Drinking enough water? how long have you been dieting? Keep living your life and doing your thing and check back in a month and dont weight yourself and just stay consistent, strong and positive and tell me where you stand then! :)

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Anonymous asked: how do i get that runner's high everyone talks about? i got it once, but i haven't ran in a while and can barely run a mile now...): how do i get back on track, to love running, and to get that runner's high. by the way i think your story is extremely inspirational. YOU GO GURL. #badbetch.

I get it after my first mile or mile 1/2. I guess that part that sucks is getting your part back to the conditioned part. Thats why a lot of people give up so easy. it gets better with time. I would say the best thing to do is go out for a jog around 2 miles. Doesnt matter the pace. Just start somewhere. :).

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