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The Best People Run
Emily. Running Fanatic. 17.
205 to 140; 65lbs lost and counting.
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Fitblr but yet personal. Posthard-core music. Concert freak. Self-proclaimed fitness guru. Video maker. Stay fresh 2 death.
Training for that half marathon!

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Inspirational Teenage 60lb Weightloss Story

Running Thoughts

You are so beautiful! Keep inspiring people to get fit and keep doing what you're doing gorgeous

Thank you lovely have a great day <3

How do you know your body fat percentage ?

There are certain types of scales or the pinch test!

Have you ever put any of the weight you lost back on?

Only a little but it was planned and put on over like a year im losing again 

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It’s important to make someone happy, and it’s important to start with yourself.

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Can I lose 20 lbs in 4 months?

That would be 5lbs per month which is completely doable! :)


Volleyball started on monday! soo.. yesterday; its going great so far I love working with other people. But besides that I’ve been busy the past weekend with hitting up the running trails, movies, and hanging out with some friends.

I’m getting my goals back on track and it feels so good :) Just a little caught up in everything going on right now i’ll become more active as the school year happens..which is like 12 days. I’m crying. Bye. I’m a senior and terrified.

I'd really like to start drinking protein shakes but I have no clue what kind. I'm a girl I weight about 200 and I'm 5'4 if that helps.

You don’t need to drink them; for me its more convenient to eat actual foods while dieting instead of a shake as a replacement unless its a “Snack” or a “refuel” after a workout but still Id chose other things. I think advocare has some wonderful shakes! Buy a blender bottle and put in the packet and shake; Protein powders come in all kinds of flavors and brand its best to look up reviews cause some really have a nasty taste.

Do you think it's weird that I've lost 12 pounds completely and I haven't changed my diet or haven't exercises ?

Yes, I think you should go talk to a doctor if your weight keeps dropping so fast and you arent trying to do so

I'm having a really hard time right now in my journey and I just feel like I'm not going to make it. I could use some words of wisdom

Its not easy sometimes. You just got to do what you got to do at the end of the day and push through. Theres this thing called telling yourself you are going to make it. Why wouldn’t you? Have faith in yourself! You will succeed if you chose to do so and don’t let anything stand in the way;

Can I lose 30-45 lbs in six months if I eat clean and exercise regularly?

Yes most likely! Thats plenty of time to lose that much weight unless you are already at a healthy weight. Good luck! if you need anymore advice or guidence just ask :)

21 Joys Of Having A Work BFF

Not everyone who makes a bad mistake is a bad person.


Hey. Do you think 5 pound weights are enough to put on muscle mass ?

Smaller weights are great for toning and build/define but if you wan’t to put on some serious muscle mass then you might have to pick up some bigger weights! 

Hello, i have weird question (sorry!). I run about one hour. But i sometimes try to run longer time like about 1-2hours in row. But i usually want to start pee in the middle of way. I don't drink many liters before/during run and even if i don't then this happens. I want to run it in row without stopping but i just have to stop. So i really can't imagine to run marathon. Don't you have any advice for me pleeeease? (and sorry again for weird question)

You should try to drink water before/during/and after your runs. You know you pee regardless so you might as well hydrate REGARDLESS! :). Of course you can run a marathon! You might just have to take a bathroom break (oh well!) If you need to pee; then pee. When I’m on my runs and I have too I’ll just go into the woods (I live in the middle of no where,your situation might be different) or just go into a store! You can’t really do anything about your bladder but dont let it affect you from running a marathon! Everyone has got to pee haha